First Rhema Solutions Limited has a long-standing commitment in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and interest in helping the nation understand where we are with the implementation of Health Information Technology (HIT) in Nigeria. The Nigerian healthcare system presently is predominantly paper based and stakeholders would require specific advocacy for the promotion, adoption and effective implementations of HIT for optimal use and improved healthcare quality. All who care about health care transformation should be exhilarated by the opportunities behind the adoption of HIT.

There is obviously no going back. We must transform health care to make it a gleaming Nigeria triumph especially with the opportunities and challenges covid pandemic has presented us.The journey is long but it begins today. The most important thing about the implementation of E-Health is that it reduces paperwork as most of the documents are stored using cloud based technology that can be made available by any of our health institution partners. With our E-Health Solutions, we ensure improved patient monitoring as well as provision of medical care at a cheaper & faster rate.

Automation of clinical information in health care is important for overall health care transformation. Adopting HIT is just one of many steps. Actually transforming physician practice using HIT and many other tools is significantly harder and more complex than the IT designs and equipment.

Health information technology otherwise known as digitization and globalization of healthcare systems has been advanced to have the potential to speed up the required transformation of the Nigerian healthcare systems and restructure the provider-consumer relationship.

The Adoption of HIT will also help to eliminate lawsuits against hospitals and medical practitioners by reducing to the barest minimum cases of medical negligence in the following ways-

  • Ensure that Medical Practitioners exhaust all pending cases before close of work each day.
  • Ensure that Medical Practitioners in quick time access other Professional relevant to referrals before them
  • Ensure that Medical Practitioners encounter fresh cases each day they report for duty
  • Ensure a robust Practitioner/Patient relationship
  • Ensure a conducive environment in which medical practice will thrive
  • Ensure near eradication of industrial actions-related fatalities among patients.