The general characteristic of salary payments in Nigeria is its insufficiency. Planning also is something a lot of people believed can be put off until much later in life. First Rhema Solutions Limited wishes to dispel this myth and breakdown what it means to plan early for ease of retirement. Agitations abound on non-compliance to salary payments by employers of Labour likewise much delayed payments by government, thus the need for a different welfare package for all staff from an independent source. Therefore, the only solution to a non-penury lifestyle at retirement is to have dependable income and good source of living income before death.  Hence, this offer is for all members of the working public who are desirous of good living conditions to access this welfare package for a better life.

The only reasonable solution to having a fun filled retirement is to have your own money. Any retirement expectation fulfilled by former employer is a plus but should hopes be dashed, as always, life goes on. When one retires, this will be the time to reward one for years of hardworking. It will be the time to travel, to celebrate with friends and loved ones, and to pamper oneself. This lifestyle is seen in developed countries because they meaningfully plan for the retirement from the day of employment. In Nigeria, retirees can do the above ONLY WITH PERSONAL MONEY!

We know salaries are small, children are ever demanding, there is scarcity of employment for trained children (so they are  with the parents even at adulthood), rents are increasing by the day, standard of living is declining, extended families are there, and health issues are becoming second nature to man. So the needs on meager salaries are endless.

The only hope becomes a second source of income which will be personal to an employee devoid of official inclinations, and this must be started quite early in life to create mastery, and efficiencies.