First Rhema Solutions Limited proudly announces its strategic partnership with Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider. Through this collaboration, First Rhema Solutions Limited enhances its capabilities in delivering cutting-edge security solutions to its clients.

Dahua Technology focuses on two core businesses: City and Enterprise, aligning with its ‘Dahua Think#’ corporate strategy. With a strong emphasis on technological innovation, Dahua Technology invests approximately 10% of its sales revenue in research and development annually, boasting a team of over 23,000 employees, with more than 50% dedicated to R&D.

Dahua Technology’s commitment to innovation is evident in its establishment of various institutes such as the Advanced Technology Institute, Big Data Institute, Central Research Institute, Cybersecurity Institute, and Future Communications Institute. These institutes drive the company’s development of AIoT and IoT digital intelligence platforms, enabling the digital intelligence upgrading of cities and enterprises, and creating value for the digital-intelligent transformation of various industries.

With a global marketing and service network comprising over 200 offices in China and 67 overseas subsidiaries, branches, and representative offices spanning Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and other regions, Dahua Technology is well-equipped to provide speedy and high-quality services to its customers worldwide.

*Source: Omdia 2023 Video Surveillance & Analytics Market Share Database

Dahua Technology’s mission of “Enabling a Smarter Society and Better Living” aligns with its core value of “Customer Success, Employee Achievements.” Through its commitment to excellence in quality and service, Dahua Technology aims to create more value for its customers and contribute to a safe, low-carbon, beautiful, and harmonious world.

This partnership between First Rhema Solutions Limited and Dahua Technology signifies a commitment to providing customers with exceptional security solutions and services, leveraging the expertise and global presence of both companies to deliver innovative and reliable security solutions.

Our Services

  1. Cybersecurity Solutions
    • Threat Detection and Prevention: We use the latest tools and techniques to detect and prevent cyber threats, keeping your data and systems safe.
    • Network Security: Our network security solutions protect your organization from unauthorized access and cyber attacks.
    • Data Protection and Encryption: We help you protect your sensitive data through encryption and other security measures.
    • Security Audits and Assessments: Our comprehensive audits and assessments identify vulnerabilities in your security posture.
    • Incident Response and Management: In the event of a security breach, our incident response team is ready to assist you with swift and effective action.
  2. General Security Solutions
    • Access Control Systems: We provide access control systems to restrict unauthorized access to your premises.
    • CCTV Surveillance Systems: Our CCTV surveillance systems help you monitor and record activities in and around your property.
    • Security Personnel Training: We offer training programs to ensure your security personnel are well-equipped to handle security threats with our latest Security solutions
    • Security Consulting Services: Our security experts provide consulting services to help you develop and implement effective security strategies.
    • Risk Assessment and Management: We conduct risk assessments to identify potential security risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Why Choose Us?

  • Expertise: Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the security industry.
  • Innovation: We are committed to staying ahead of the curve by continuously updating our technology and methodologies.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every client is unique, which is why we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations in every aspect of our service.