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    To provide total solution to our clients through our technical know-how and expertise with emphasis on capacity building, especially in the area of ICT
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    To stay competitive in today’s technology-driven, high-speed market, it is essential to optimize the use of computer technology for maximum productivity.
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    To market a business, you need to know its story. As a company First Rhema Solutions would seek to understand your company operations and profer suitable ICT solutions needed for your company

Training Modules

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    We offer practical computer skills training for professionals, sales personnel, administrative staff and executives. Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we can help.
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    We offer on-site seminars and workshops, project-specific consulting and individual instructions. We provide our students with manuals and notes specifically designed to cover topics.
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    The training methods developed by us facilitate a profound comprehension of the computer logic behind the techniques taught.

Our Mission

To making ICT products accessible, affordable and usable with digital skills training, a strong sales and distribution network and to remain the market benchmark for productivity, quality service delivery and to contribute to the growth and development of ICT industry in the Nigerian economy

Our Vision

To build a globally recognized ICT Consulting Company and become one of the major drivers of technology revolution in Nigeria and to ensure that our clients are leaders in their various disciplines of businesses effectively and efficiently using the present-day technology.

Our Values

First Rhema Solutions Limited’s core values are centered on innovation, serving our customers, sustainability and community-friendly services. Our remarkably indissoluble and unflinching commitment to these values is the reason our customers and clients continue to rely on our resources and conduct business with us.

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    Pride in who we are; what we do and what we stand for; we say what we mean and do exactly what we say.

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    Determination in firmness of purpose and beliefs.

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    We inspire trust by saying what we mean and taking responsibility for our actions. Our Enterprise Resource Planning is robust enough to ensure credibility of information from our systems & processes.

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    Deliver responsible, innovative solutions to drive continuous improvement. Integrity of mind and systems, passion to excel, reliability of our words, structures, processes and courage to take on challenges and see them through.