With a rapid increase in technological advancement having passwords and pins seems to be a thing of the past as it has been replaced with identification and authentication through various biological characteristics such as Finger print and facial recognitions with the recent one been body motion and voice detection.

OUR FINGERPRINT CAPTURE DEVICE; Fingerprint Time Attendance System to our clients harmonize not only a graceful standing look but also the most laudable in its high speed and accuracy of fingerprint matching as well as its limitless fingerprint template and transaction records capacity for employee’s time attendance management. 

Biometrics is the most suitable means of identifying and authenticating individuals in a reliable and fast way through unique biological characteristics. Protecting your business from malware, hackers, viruses remians one of the key functions of our company

First Rhema Solutions Limited in its bid to ensure protection of data from unauthorized access has developed solutions which work in tandem with the best biometric devices to give your establishment a professional look. Our solutions include but not limited to the Biometric time solution use to check when employees resume and close from work, as well as keep tabs on when visitors come in or leave an establishment and a state of the art biometric secure file location online and offline to prevent unauthorised access to all your company data and information. On special request First Rhema Solutions in conjunctions with its technical and computer hardware partners Hewlett Packard (HP) will supply biometric enabled PC’s for staff of your company.